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Own your success and have a life with prospects and fulfilment.

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Beatrice Chatereux

“I managed to walk again but did not have the courage to walk back into the office for my new job. Desiree helped me take that giant step and I’ll always remember that…thank you.”

My mission is to coach women with a career gap, going through separation or divorce get a job!

“Desiree is a beautiful gifted women with a big heart and so much knowledge. I like her ‘can do’ attitude and that she always finds a solution to a problem. Desiree is a wonderful coach as she has been through so much herself and can speak from experience, in personal life as well as in the professional world.”

Manuela Hecht


“Desiree is an incredibly beautiful and authentic being. Her kindness, compassion, humor and
endearing humility make me feel like she’s a wonderful friend I’ve known forever. Her openness and honesty lets me know she’s trustworthy. Desiree holds so much wisdom, just naturally AND through her own life experience. Her guidance and insights clearly come from her heart.These are absolutely the qualities I look for in a coach…”

Jennifer Corbeau


There are a whole bunch of voices out there telling YOU that you’re not good enough. That you’ve been out of the game too long to be efficient. That you’re too old. That you’re a technological dinosaur…truly disheartening, frustrating, hurtful and downright rubbish judgements. 

If you are overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start…

If you are divorced or separated the stress in your new life must be overwhelming. Scary. Full of anxiety. Questions.

If you’re eager and and want to to get a job or a promotion after your divorce…or after life’s other challenges then I am here to help YOU. 


You are unique

Forget the voices-regain your self-esteem,fire-up your confidence and show your value.

You are worthy

I’ll help you find your voice, so that you can become self-assured, fulfilled and an expressive being personally and professionally.

You are capable

Do nothing is not an option…and I know this because you’re browsing this website…

It is time for me to help you reach your potential, to coach you to become the successful professional who can speak with confidence and have a beautifully fulfilled, financially independent life.

So you took a career gap to care for a loved one, to raise your children or to care for yourself after an illness – I honour you in your recovery.

You’ve been through a divorce or lost your income somehow – I salute YOU in your resilience.

Whatever your reason for wanting back into the workforce, I am here…

  • CV
  • Cover letters
  • Update your skills
  • Get a promotion
  • Negotiate a salary
  • Interview skills, face-to-face or online
  • Decide on a new professional direction or business

Lets Work together!

Step up and Step out

1-on-1 Coaching package

Our step-by-step kick-ass 1-on-1 coaching sessions will get your stunning heels through the
interview door!

Project Management Masterclass

  • Online group package
  • Video self-paced package
  • Face-to-face group package for not-for-profit and community groups

Conflict Management Masterclass

Online group package
Video self-paced package
Face-to-face group package for not-for-profit and community groups

Community ladies

Empowerment & Well-being package

  • Face-to-face
  • In-house workshops

“I took part in Desiree’s project management workshop to get a refresher on my PM knowledge.Even though I have over 10 years’ experience in project management, it was useful to go back to the fundamentals. The workshop was very engaging and interactive. Desiree’s teaching reflects her bubbly personality and her very positive attitude. Overall I had a fun experience and would recommend it to anyone.””

Hiru Jayatunga


“I gained confidence regarding my existing skills and I am now not scared to try new things, I know now my value and I stick up to it. I would recommend your coaching to any person, who wants to get back in the job market. I my experience it is very important to have confidence in oneself and not let negative responses drag you down.”

Fatma Hayatally


I truly believe that women support each other, incredible things happen. I’m thankful and grateful for the moral support that you are providing me Desiree...

Bhavya M


Back to work

Facing separation or divorce is overwhelming. If going back to work is a future...

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Are YOU ready to get that job?

Don’t know where to start to get back in the job market?

Let me help.

Hi, I’m Desiree a disaster management and conflict management professional and I know how to make getting a job for you fun and exciting through your hard earned skills and experience.

I take away the pain, the time and the overwhelm so that you get results in as short a time as possible.

If this resonates with YOU, I am here. Are YOU ready to help yourself?

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