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Cheers !

A few years ago, I was at an amazing place professionally. I had the job of my dreams with all the  freedoms and autonomy I could ask for. A small team in a small not-for-profit trying to change the  world and make its people resilient to natural disasters. 

But then a time came when I asked myself, “is this it?”. Somehow I’ve always felt that I was meant to  do more – something else. Something meaningful. It’s not as if my life couldn’t fill novels after novels  with experiences, swashbuckling adventures, palpable joys and risks that some would say borderlined madness. Yet none of these seemed to make me feel like when the time came to put my  feet up at retirement with a fat pension that I would just sit there with a smile on my face.  

Something was missing.  

Throughout my life, I have worked with shamans and seers, researchers and teachers, mediums and astrologers. They all said that when my life’s learnings were “acquired”, I would know and I would be  ready. Maybe I thought I would get a revelation. Perhaps I thought that it would be an epiphany and  all would be revealed as to what my life’s purpose was meant to be. But then, as I neared my mid 50s, I asked myself, “how much more shit do I need to take, smell and be smothered in before I can  actually know and start my life’s passion?”. I was getting tired of the lessons and learnings.  

Yes, I’ve had a great life – but there were challenges and downright deep, dark, dirty, nasty and  depressing shit that put me on suicide watch. So it wasn’t always rosy – if you understand what I’m  saying. 

A couple of years ago, just pre-COVID – if we can remember those times – I just felt like I’d had  enough of the shit. It was time for me to move on and be ready. Ready for what, I didn’t quite know.  But I knew I was ready and I was well and truly done with all the shit. It was this knowing that was  floating about me. Bubbling up inside of me, at the bottleneck – like that of a vintage champagne.  And like some champagnes, I felt like I was not meant to be drunk at my youngest or even at my  womanly prime. But at maturity. I needed to stay in the shadows for several years until I matured and wisened. Inside. Outside. All over. Yet in the shadows I was not idle. There were slow reactions.  Slow chemical changes – natural changes that occurred. These changes gave me more: more  compassion, understanding, belief, trust, openness, will-power, perseverance, strength, taste, power and confidence.  

Like a champagne, I was turned by different hands. Moved by different experiences one way or  another. Every cell, every bubble, every breath and every hair follicle of me knows it. I know it now. 

It is time for me to emerge as the entrepreneur I was meant to be. I am ready to take you on your  adventure and where you want to go. Where you want to be, as you return to work. Whatever that  work will be for you. 

I am ready. 

I am ready for you.

Are you?

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