Project Management Masterclass *COMING SOON*

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Project Management is in practically every organisation. It is also in every household – did you know that?

In this course: First, you’ll learn: Management of Scope. Time. Cost. Risk. Quality. Stakeholders. Communications. Human Resources. Procurement. Integration.

Second, you’ll learn about what it is to be a Project Manager (PM). Further, you’ll learn about the role of a PM. And the Skills you need to be a PM.

Third, you’ll learn how to manage project teams and virtual project teams.

Additionally, you’ll learn the various Tools & Techniques in Project Management.

You’ll also learn about the various Project Management Methodologies and when to use what. You’ll also learn about the various size of projects, which processes to use and have a number of templates, resources and support.

This Masterclass in self-paced, online in a group or face-to-face in a group. You’ll receive a Workbook, Video of the course, Templates, Facebook support, Email support and lots more…


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