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Ladies: It’s our time to flourish…

Yesterday evening I gave the Keynote at the above event, held by “ZICOSA” the Zimbabwe Community of South Australia.

It was an absolutely an event (within the restrictions of COVID – “no dancing”)!

It was an all-women night. A ladies-night. A girls-night.

What I found most amazing about the evening, was the sisterhood that existed amongst the women. The event got me from the very start when I walked into the venue and saw so many beautifully gowned, dressed, sequinned ladies – fully voluptuous and proud to be. Smiling, hugging and grateful to be getting together after such a drought of face-to-face bonding and laughter.

As the ladies filled the room, I was in awe at the beauty, at the time each took to show-off her beautiful self and I realised how much I have missed being with a group of women wanting the same thing: to laugh, smile, hug and flourish amongst one another.

I saw women who have left their countries, left motherland in search for a new adventure and new opportunities. I met young women who are fully benefitting from the fertile opportunities Australia can offer them, if they wish to take these. I saw strong women doing their best to make it in every way. The sponsors were women from ZICOSA who want to encourage growth for women in their community, the photographer Bella G worked the room capturing our beauty on camera. Support for the women community was so palpable in the room – it was positively contagious!

There was an opening prayer of gratitude in song and praise. There were games, there was a best dressed show, there was a raffle, there were amazing talks about women’s health and well-being by Eunice who got us to wiggle and squat, amazing advice on how not to get caught in the credit-card and Afterpay loop but how to grow wealth and get to Financial Freedom by Maria, there was Girl Talk from Ma-Masu – who shared her gratitude and respect to the mothers and aunties from community who lit the way, for the sisterhood who support and for black women who need to stand tall, stand free and stand proud. All these talks so powerful in every way. The evening ended with my Keynote and was followed by Word of Encouragement by the MP Jayne Stinson. Yes, I realise the both of these are usually at the beginning – but hey – we are African and why be conventional? It was perfect to see an MP enjoying an event and remain to the very end of the event chatting to so many – good on you Jayne!

As a speaker – there is nothing more encouraging than having an audience who laugh, cry, ooh-and-aah with you. And these women did just that! They rode every wave…

The evening ended in song with the beautiful voice of Nyarai. Most especially, the evening was held together by the amazing Emcee, Sandra: beautiful and funny.

I woke up this morning feeling so empowered. Overflowing with positive energy and with this smile on my face. I knew I had to write this blog right away to share this feeling with you. I hope that I have captured it and you can feel how important it is for women to empower one another. Thank you ZICOSA for the opportunity to speak and to be amongst you and ride on that powerful woman energy. Thank you Veronica for your warmth and humility…

There is plenty of space and opportunities for all of us to flourish, so let’s lift one another ladies as we climb. Let’s pass each other the baton!

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