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40+ female Divorcees LadyPower Club

As we head towards the last month of yet another COVID-ridden, variant-triggering year (2021), I feel that I would like to say ‘see-ya-later’ to 2021 and good-riddance!

To be sure, there have been some frustrating moments to understate the situations. And yes, things did get heavy ☹ at times, certainly for me…to the point that I have had to question my own faith and belief in all that is good around me. At the same time, there were positive outcomes and opportunities that which made me question the universe’s will and desire to give with 1 hand and take away with the other.

I am sure we all have a story or two to share about 2021 or perhaps we’d just rather forget it and look forward to 2022 😊

At Desiree Beekharry Coaching, our mission is to assist any woman who has had a career break, is low on self-esteem and wants to regain her financial independence to return to the workforce with confidence.  If you notice on my Facebook page, I have created a group called LadyPower Club.

40+ female Divorcees LadyPower Club is specifically for women who are going through the break of a relationship through legal separation or divorce and need support to rebuild their lives, regain financial independence and regain their self-esteem.

Why did I choose to specialise?

From a purely personal perspective – my grandmother and my mother. Both ladies had to forge through without any kind of assistance to create a safe and healthy environment for themselves and their children. My mother’s divorce was particularly acrimonious and resulted in my sister and I getting kidnapped and returned only because of a heavy ransom payment.

From a social and financial perspective, here are some facts for Australia and around the world for consideration.

According to a UK study in 2004* the rise of divorce contributed to more homelessness in people over the age of 50. According to a Telegraph news report** (2004) over 27,000 householders became homeless directly because of relationship breakdown, but the study also outlined other causes.

Recent studies show:

  • AU$30 trillion = global gender wealth gap;
  • AU$2 million more average male lifetime earnings;
  • 47% less in women’s Superannuation pension at retirement;
  • 60% small businesses founded by women;


  • Only 15% small business loans given to women;
  • Only 2% venture capital to female founders.

The above facts are sobering if not down right distressing…certainly to me. I hope it is quite distressing to you too. Because this could affect you, any woman you are close to, are acquainted with, work with etc.

Now, imagine if the women we are talking about, have spent their lives as home-makers, raised children and supported the partner as he was elevated to professional heights and then divorces. What happens to the home? Who pays the ongoing bills? Who takes care of the budget? How do the economics work when the financial support is gone? What will she retire on if she has never paid into a pension fund?

To add, what about the intense emotional roller-coaster that she is going through? How to tell friends…her social circle…dealing with the loss…?

I could go on with the list of potential questions but I think we all know someone who has had a divorce and who has had to walk through this particular minefield. Now I hope you understand my particular business focus.

As we enter the festive season, many women will be contemplating their first Christmas alone, heart-broken or downright depressed. Amongst the support and advice that you could be providing to this person:

  • Let her know that she can join the 40+ female Divorcees LadyPower Club on Facebook for support and advice;
  • Have a free consultation of 30 minutes with me, to see if I can help. Here is a link: https://calendly.com/desireebeekharrycoaching/30min
  • Perhaps if you feel generous over the festive season, you could offer a full 1-off, 1-on-1, 90-minute session for $275; or $175 for a 1-off, 1-on-1, 60-minute session.

Meanwhile, I’d like to send you all my Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year!

Be safe, be well and be good to one another.



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