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Launch party!

Launch: Desiree Beekharry Coaching on 28 October 2021 – 130 people, supporters and 4 other female founders (3 other businesses).

If you have not seen the photos, please head over to my FB page and have a look at the colours, the atmosphere and the great moments that we shared. Below, is my pitch…

“Ladies – how would you like to hear about services that will help you get on with your lives and get financial independence – not just for today but for the future?

Whether that is through your own business, as an employee, and/or as a family?

I am especially speaking to women with a degree, entering the market for the first time or re-entering the market after a long career break. 

Like my client, let’s call her Sarah, MBA with 3 children, of whom 1 is a special needs child. Sarah wants to help the family out financially and offer her child some specialist education. But money is tight and if they use money on 1 child – the family miss out on experiences together. Sarah is frustrated and wants to go back to work. But she lacks confidence. She doesn’t know where to start – she doesn’t trust her abilities has and doesn’t think she her skills are right for today’s workforce. And her mental health is suffering.

The other client, let’s call her Katy, her marriage has broken down. Her husband left her for a younger woman. Katy is devastated. Her self-esteem is rock bottom. She has a degree in languages, has 2 teenage kids but has never really had paid work. Katy has no pension, is increasing her credit-card debt and alimony is not covering costs. No more annual holidays and she needs to think about her financial future. All the bills and the little pleasures are for her to afford now. She is insecure, depressed and has been told she’d too old to start working.

For too long have employers considered that women who have not worked or have a career gap to be perhaps: a technological dinosaur, or only wants to work part-time, is lazy or even unambitious.

And here’s the thing –

ABS2020: 65.5% of women and 94.4% of men were employed.

AND women have 47% less in their pension @ retirement

COVID has hit women harder…

BUT there’s something happening around the world right now called The Great Resignation – you may have heard of it. In August 4.3 million professional in the US alone quit their jobs. Up to 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their job by the end of 2021.

This is a great opportunity ladies!

Why? Because going into the workforce OR reentering the workforce YOU offer authenticity, additional skills, wisdom, maturity and a unique perspective to any role or business. For YOU ladies: a chance to earn, prosper and live a rich life is well within their reach.

Why me? Well, working since 13 years of age, to contribute to the family budget which was drained because of a father’s drug and gambling habit, and seeing Mum struggle, this passion comes from wanting to create OWN wealth, that is not reliant upon others, and where I could decide what I wanted to do. 

Then there’s my Grandmother – who set all the right examples. Despite being illiterate and having 4 daughters out of wedlock – built 2 prosperous businesses to set a standard for her own daughters.

In all her photos you’d see her standing there – fully voluptuous, fully proud, fully erect, nostrils flaring – Boss Lady! (see photo)

If there’s anything to learn from these women it’s that illiterate or educated; at home or abroad; young or mature – if you want to work – you CAN.

Why focus on wealth? Because – As a woman, there is nothing worse than having to ask someone for money – raise your hand if you agree (…and all hands went up).

With over 30 years of professional experience in Australia and internationally, having taken a career gap to obtain a doctorate and having faced many professional, personal and cultural challenges:

I can re-orientate women like Sarah or Katy to the workplace through 1-on-1 coaching, consulting, back-to-work programs, mentoring, workshops, webinars and advice.

Considering that Great Resignation, COVID has created opportunities e.g. WFH, from another state or even from another country. Now is the time that YOU need to consider how to secure your financial future, how to get the confidence and your mojo to invest in yourself.

Because you’re more than just a working bee. You are a complex human being with a rich and full life of lived experience, skills and value.

What I’ve learnt as a woman is that: Caring for yourself is not self-indulgent – it’s self-preservation!”

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