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Live Your Truth!

Live Your Truth… as an extension of the brief FB Empowering Women Back to Work and Insta video of 27 September 2021…

The life of an entrepreneur is about networking. And, while I know the list of things to do to set up one’s business and get it moving e.g. strategies, plans, functions, content creation, location, social media, getting clients and so much more, face-to-face networking for me is key.

I feel lucky and grateful to live in South Australia and that we can can network face-to-face in the COVID era.

I realise that being in business is also to be profitable while fulfilling a need – to me running my business is about understanding the people I wish to serve and understanding the way other businesses are serving the people.

Having arrived a tad late to the entrepreneurial party, more and more I have come to understand that here in Adelaide (or South Australia): Networking is necessary. Networking is vital. Networking is a life-source. Networking can save you from ever chucking-in the towel.

Of course, I have to network with those who make me feel welcome. With those who understand my values and are aligned with my business purpose.

The networking is about exchanging ideas, situations, celebrating successes and seeking solutions – without an agenda. So let me share some of my networking adventures that happened between 20 Sep – 25 September 2021.

4 years or so ago, I noticed that a woman whom I look up to as a mega-professional was a SheEO. When I looked into SheEO – I felt unworthy of being part of this professional network of “up-there” women (I know right? All about Me! Despite being a high-level professional myself). Yet, a few weeks ago, I was invited to a SheEO dinner which I attended. And guess what? It was a group of approx. 20 women @ different stages in their careers or entrepreneurial journeys enjoying a meal together. No fat cigars. No nudge-nudge-wink-wink. No secret handshake. No measuring penis size…sorry I mean ego!

Simply, professional women exchanging ideas, sharing information and seeking opportunities on the growth of women in business. Creating opportunities to enable this growth and success through funding support. At the table, there were at least 5 SheEO venture semi-finalists. This dinner broke the myth I had held about SheEO and strengthened my sense of worth. I am totally worthy of being with these determined women doing their best to make it and make a difference to the gender balance in business. Of course, dinner was held in a majority female owned venue 😊: “SheEO is a radically redesigned ecosystem that supports, finances, and celebrates female innovators”.

The next event I attended was organised by SASoulpreneurs at in McLaren Vale – one of the 4 amazing wine regions in South Australia. Even if you don’t enjoy wine, these regions are picturesque. When I arrived at the venue, I was ‘discombobulated’ and this is the word she (Kate) used and it fit perfectly to what I was feeling. But guess what? Kate, the lady at the door said “Come with me, I’ll take care of you.” No sweeter words could have been spoken to me at that moment. She took care of me by performing a smudging ritual. Did I need that? Hell yes! Was I grateful? Totally… 😊

The theme of the event was “Live Your Truth: There’s no one else you need to be. There’s nothing else you need to have. Everything you need is already inside you. Never let your light dim.” I know, right? 😊

The thing is, and sorry for going all woo-woo on you, but after the smudging, I was recombobulated. Honestly. I felt serene, light…it was as if I belonged. It was as if I was always part of that family of women. Before I knew it – I was hugging, sharing and chatting like with long lost friends. The universe brought us there – another group of women whose energies needed to be together on that day. And I was a part of that. Gratitude, SASoulpreneurs.

Of course, lunch and wine were a yummy bonus – as was the unexpected sunshine to brighten up the beautiful gardens.

Another event I attended, which was in fact the 1st event of that week and pretty much one that set the tempo, was a small gathering of SAWers (from SA Woman) for coffee in the picturesque village of Stirling. 4 women entrepreneurs having real conversations with real people.

We all had a chance to speak about our businesses in depth and talk about our motivations for starting our business. The common thread: a lived experience or challenges we have faced and the inability to get assistance and support to help deal with these challenges. Of particular note is Food, Fear & Freedom. This lady offers women emotional eating support. I think we can each think of someone who is an emotional eater to some extent and sometimes some women can create a new set of issues for themselves because of emotional eating. Comfort food binge! At some stage – perhaps we ourselves have been emotional eaters…

I asked her, how would I recommend her services to someone whom I though could benefit – it is a delicate subject to broach to any woman. She suggested that I go general about the various interesting businesses I meet and talk to the ones that I feel makes ‘more sense’ including the one about emotional eating support. One of her taglines on her brochure is: Each day we can either face our stuff or stuff our face.

That networking week was a power surge. An exchange of energy, knowledge, experience and support of women to other women. It was just what was needed to confirm once again that I am on the right track to help the Superwomen out there.

Thank you ladies for your inspiration, your genius and your down-to-earthness!

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